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Article: Styling Leather Belts | From Casual to Formal Looks

Styling Leather Belts | From Casual to Formal Looks

Styling Leather Belts | From Casual to Formal Looks

Fashion is an ever-evolving landscape, and accessories like leather belts are no exception. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or down for a casual outing, the right leather belt can complement your style. In this blog post, we'll explore how to seamlessly incorporate leather belts into various outfits, from casual to formal looks. We'll also discuss men's and women's leather belts and types of belt buckles. Let's dive into the world of leather belt styling!

Why Leather Belts?

Leather belts are a staple in fashion due to their durability, versatility, and timeless appeal. They can easily transition between different styles and settings, making them an essential accessory in any wardrobe. Here are some reasons why our leather belts are a must-have and our top suggestions to make your style stand out on any occasion:

• Durability: High-quality leather belts can last years, making them a worthwhile investment. That's why Lejon offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all our belts.
• Versatility: Suitable for both casual and formal outfits.
• Timelessness: Leather never goes out of style, making these belts a long-term fashion staple.

Casual Looks with Leather Belts

Casual outfits offer the flexibility to experiment with different styles and textures. Here's how you can stylishly incorporate leather belts into your casual wear:

For Men

• Jeans and T-Shirt: A classic brown leather belt with a simple buckle pairs perfectly with jeans and a T-shirt. It adds a touch of ruggedness without overpowering the ensemble. Check out our favorite pick (and best seller), the El Dorado, to complete this look.

The El Dorado Casual Belt | by Lejon

• Chinos and Polo Shirt: Opt for a sleek black leather belt with a polished buckle to add a touch of sophistication to a casual look. This combination is great for weekend outings or casual Fridays at the office. Take a look at our top choice, the Highlife, and bring your casual look to the next level.

For Women

• Denim Shorts and Tank Top: A distressed leather belt with a unique buckle can add character to a basic outfit. Our top pick is the Patina belt, made from genuine bison leather with a medium color pull-up and rich undertones; it's a perfect fit for any occasion.

Patina Women's Belt

• Casual Dress: Cinch a flowy dress at the waist with a thin leather belt to create a more defined silhouette. A belt with some texture or pattern can add an interesting element to the outfit. We love the look of the understated Mini Horseshoe belt for this style.

Semi-Formal and Smart Casual Looks

For occasions that require a bit more polish but not full-on formal wear, leather belts can still play a pivotal role.

For Men

• Blazer and Chinos: A dark brown leather belt with a minimalist buckle complements a blazer and chinos combination well. This look strikes the right balance between casual and formal, and the Dignitarty belt is precisely that.

• Button-Down Shirt and Dress Pants: A black leather dress belt works perfectly here, providing a clean, sharp look suitable for business meetings or date nights. Our Entrepreneur belt leads the pack in our men's dress belt collection.

For Women

• Blouse and Skirt: A medium-width leather belt can tie together a blouse and skirt ensemble. Choose a belt in a contrasting color to make a statement, like the Iris Heart, available in Mocha and Antique Honey colors.

• Cardigan and Trousers: A leather belt over a long cardigan and trousers can create a chic, layered look perfect for a smart-casual setting. Take a look at the Corazon belt; it's sure to warm your "heart."

Formal Looks with Leather Belts

When it comes to formal attire, the right leather belt can make all the difference.

For Men

• Suit and Tie: A black leather dress belt with a sleek, simple buckle is the go-to choice for formal suits. Make sure to match your belt with your shoes for a cohesive look. Our Beveled Edge belt offers a range of colors, and its unique diagonal stripe design and hand-painted feathered edge make it a standout accessory.

• Tuxedo: While tuxedos often don't require belts, if your tuxedo has belt loops, choose a discreet, high-quality leather belt that won't draw attention away from the elegance of the ensemble. For this occasion, our Executive belt is the perfect choice.

Executive Men's Leather Belt

For Women

• Formal Dress: A slim leather belt can add definition to a formal dress, especially if the dress is simple and monochromatic. Opt for a belt with a subtle, elegant buckle like our Carolina belt.

• Blazer and Slacks: A thin, well-crafted leather belt can add a touch of sophistication to a tailored blazer and slacks, perfect for high-powered meetings or formal events. Our Corsicana belt is undeniably the best choice for this look.

Types of Leather Belts

Understanding the different types of leather belts can help you choose the best one for each occasion.

Dress Belts

• Typically 1 to 1.5 inches wide with a polished finish.
• Best paired with formal attire such as suits and dress pants.

Casual Belts

• Often wider and more rugged in appearance.
• Great for everyday wear with jeans, shorts, and casual dresses.

Western Belts

• Characterized by intricate designs and large buckles as an option, like our Texas belt.
• Ideal for adding a bit of flair to casual outfits.

Choosing the Right Belt Buckle

The buckle is a vital element of any belt and can significantly impact the overall look.

• Simple Buckles: Best for formal and office settings.
• Statement Buckles: Great for casual and semi-formal outfits.
• Western Buckles: Perfect for adding a unique touch to everyday looks.


Leather belts are versatile accessories that enhance a wide range of casual and formal outfits. By understanding how to style them effectively, you can make the most of this timeless fashion staple. Remember to consider the type of belt and buckle, be bold, and experiment with different looks to find what suits you best.
Ready to enhance your style? Start incorporating leather belts into your wardrobe and experience the transformation!

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