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Article: The History of Lejon | A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Today

The History of Lejon | A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Today

The History of Lejon | A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Today


Celebrating over half a century of craftsmanship, quality, and family, Lejon's story is a testament to enduring American values and the art of leatherworking. From its inception in 1968 to its current status as a beloved brand, Lejon has remained committed to creating premium leather belts and accessories.

The Founding Years

In 1968, three visionary salesmen—Lee Jeperson, John J. Shirinian, and his son, John F. Shirinian—set out to create a new belt company. They combined the names "Lee" and "John" to form "Lejon of California." Their goal was simple yet ambitious: to offer excellent customer service backed by quality manufacturing. This foundational principle has stood the test of time and remains a core part of Lejon's identity.

Lejon's Humble Begininngs

Family Tradition Continues

Fast forward 56 years, and Lejon is still rooted in the same principles that guided its founders. The family tradition has now reached its third generation with John W. Shirinian. Rather than spending summers at the beach as a child, John spent his days in the factory, observing his grandfather and father excel in the belt industry. Today, he leads the company with the same passion and integrity instilled by his grandfather.

"My grandfather was a man of integrity. He loved this business and laid the foundation for our wonderful company and product," -John W. Shirinian.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

The company boasts a factory of long-term employees who are dedicated, hardworking, and masters of their craft. Jerry Powell, the Plant Manager, has been with Lejon for over 50 years, while his wife, Leticia, has been a beltsmith for 40 years. Many other valued team members have been with the company for over two decades. This longevity speaks to the strong sense of community and dedication that defines Lejon.

3rd generation John W. Shrinian at age 6
Lejon Today

Why Lejon Stands Out

Lejon is not just about making belts; it's about crafting experiences. Each piece is handcrafted with care using the finest leathers in the world, ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality. We have produced well over 33 million belts, primarily private labels for major dept stores like Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman's, and shoe companies like Allen Edmonds, Boot Barn, and many others. The brand offers a variety of selections, from men's and women's belts to wallets, all made in the USA. Customers can expect detailed craftsmanship and expert curation backed by our Legacy Guarantee.

Key Features:

• Variety of Selections: Lejon offers a range of leather belts and wallets for both men and women.
• Expert Curation: Each piece is carefully selected and designed to meet high standards.
• Handcrafted Quality: Every item is made with meticulous attention to detail.
• Made in the USA: Lejon proudly manufactures all its products in the United States.
Exclusive Deals: Subscribers enjoy exclusive deals and a sense of community among fellow leather enthusiasts.

Join the Lejon Community

Lejon is more than just a brand; it's a family of leather lovers who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. With a legacy spanning 56 years, Lejon has its employees and customers to thank for the growth and success it enjoys today.
Learn more about Lejon and find your perfect leather accessory today!
In celebrating 56 years of excellence, Lejon continues to look forward to many more years of crafting quality leather goods that stand the test of time. To hear more about the Lejon Legacy click here.

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